Dov Ram , CEO Sipressa

Dov Ram, CEO Sipressa About

Sipressa is a young company founded in 2007. We deliver services related to the high-end digital printing market.

After many years of experience in training delivery and servicing customers in the printing industry, hundreds of customers and thousands of conversations later, we came to the realisation of one of the most painful topics digital printers exeperience today. We decided to take a step and face this common and challenging topic:

Monitor the quality and printability of customer files.

We Fix PDF files

From Large Format Printing to small commercial A4 format. From designer agencies to large pre-press departments. We can help you with your PDF challenges.
It doesnt matter if you have only one PDF file to fix or thousands.

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exerinced man and a beatiful woman inspecting print quality

Enhance and control output quality

Digital printing succeeded to establish its place on the graphic arts market, because its flexibility and the extreem fast job set-up. Still with this flexibility your customers demand job repeatability. Specially when we refer either to corporate customers and/or high end quality demand. Sipressa helps customers analyzing their equipment and their customer demands and teaching your personel how to:
improve, inspect and maintain output preformance, over time.

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