customer uploads PDF

Customers upload PDFs

Thanks to Adobe, nowadays it is not  a problem anymore to create a PDF. If you are designing in PowerPoint, InDesign, or Word, it doesn’t really matter.
You can always create a PDF. At the same time PDF became a powerfull and accessibel tool, that allows almost anything in it. From artwork to fill in forms, to hyperlinks and 3D images.

A desktop printer at home works very different than a digital press.Thats why PDFs can look very well on screen or even printed on such a printer at the office but can create issues on a digital press. Customers an designers on the oder hand are not aware nor interested in all this technical details. That’s why Sipressa offers a simple service of Preflighting (checking) your customers PDFs online.
So you can minimize such issues and stream line your production.

We Check your PDF files

If you ever preflighted a pdf, you asked yourself proabably the question: with which profile should I check? PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4, PDF/X-1a? what do they all mean? Probably a few of your customer files will pass these standards. Therefore we decided to adapt our checks to the type of technology you use. This means that a continous evaluating and improving process takes place.

So you can protect your production flow from potential issues.

Depending on the outcome of the check, we place your PDFs in 3 different folder categories: Success, Warnings, Failed. By knowing already upfront the state of a file without opening it, you gain a lot of time. Besides sorting these files into 3 different folders we also add an understandable report embedded into each file.

operator checks pdf
digital printer

You profit

How much does a rejected job costs ?
We check, fix, warn and advice about possible PDF issues, for a fraction of that price. Imagine that you realise that a file cannot be printed or contains an issue 3 or 4 days after file delivery. You lost valuable time.

Take control, act upfront, avoid surprises and keep your deadlines ! 

Special membership offer

30 day free trial

  • max. 100 PDFs
  • Standard Check


Basic PDF check is ideal if you would like to experience the advantages of checking and fixing PDFs for 30 days for free. Suitable for any type of company, till max. 100 PDF  files.


  • 100 PDFs
  • Monthly Payment
  • Customized Check


Commercial PDF check is very suitable for printing providers which want to assure their production flow without interruptions. We customise the PDF check to your requirements. Up to 100 PDF files/month. Monthly invoicing.


  • Unlimitted
  • Monthly Payment
  • Customized Check
  • Automated process


Industrial PDF check is a fully automated process to suit demands of a large file turnover. Unlimited amount of PDF files.  Combining into this service the possibility to connect to an automated input file method.